Tractor Fuel Filter Fits For Kubota

Description & Approximate Sizes:
  • 1 x Fuel Filter With 1 x O Ring
  • Height - 54mm (2 1/8")
  • OD (Big End) - 46mm (1 13/16")
  • OD (Small End) - 35mm (1 3/8")
  • ID - 5.5mm (1/4")

To Suit:
Kubota -
RTV900, RTV900XT, RTVX110C, RTVX1120D, RTVX900, D1005-E, D1005-E3, D1105-E2, D1305, D1403-E2, D1503M-E3, D1703-D, D1803-E2, D782, V1505-BG, V1505-E2, V1505-E3, B1410, B1610, B1710, B2110, B2110HDB, B2320DT, B2320DTN, B2320DTWO, B2320HSD, B2320HSDNK, B2410HSD, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE, B2620HSD, B2630HSD, B2650HSD, B2650HSDC, B26TL, B26TLB, B2710HSD, B2910HSD, B2920HSD, B3000HSDC, B3000HSDCC, B3030HSD, B3030HSDC, B3030HSDCC, B3200HSD, B3200HSDWO, B3300SUHSD, B3350HSD, B3350HSDC, B3350SUHSD, B7400HSD, B7410DT-F, B7410DT-R, B7500DT, B7500DTN, B7500HSD, B7510DT-F, B7510DT-R, B7510DTN-R, B7510HSD-F, B7510HSD-R, B7510HSDTR, B7610HSD, B7610HSD-F, B7610HSD-R, B7800HSD, B7800HSD-F, B7800HSD-R, L2501D, L2501F, L2501H, L2800, L2800DHV, L2800DHW, L2800DTF, L2800DTR, L2800FF, L2800FR, L2800HST, L3200DT, L3200DT, L3200F, L3200HST, L3400DT, L3400F, L3400HST, L3700SU, L3800DT, L3800F, L3800HST, M5640SU, M5640SUD

Alternative Numbers:
6A320-59930, PF9911

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Fuel Filter For Kubota

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